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Ultrasound-Assisted Drying Secagem com Ultrassom
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Ultrasound Pre-Treatments Pré-Tratamentos usando Ultrassom
Effect of acoustically assisted treatments on vitamins, antioxidant activity, organic acids and drying kinetics of pineapple Rodríguez, O.; Gomes, W.; Rodrigues, S.; Fernandes, F. A.N. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, v. 35, p. 92-102, 2017. Ultrasound processing to enhance drying of cashew apple bagasse puree: Influence on antioxidant properties and in vitro bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds. Fonteles, T.V.; Leite, A.K.F.; Silva, A.R.A.; Carneiro, A.P.G.; Miguel, E.C.; Cavada, B.S.; Fernandes, F.A.N.; Rodrigues, S. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, v. 31, p. 237-249, 2016. Ultrasound-Assisted Osmotic Dehydration of Strawberries: Effect of Pre-Treatment Time and Ultrasonic Frequency Nogueira, J. G. ; Oliveira, F. I. P. ; Gallao, M. I. ; Weller, C. L. ; Rodrigues, S. ; Fernandes, F.A.N. Drying Technology, v. 28, p. 294-303, 2010
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Drying Kinetics and Effect of Air-Drying Temperature on Chemical Composition of Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus niruri Sousa, A. D.; Ribeiro, P. R. V.; Canuto, K. M.; Zocolo, G. J.; Pereira, R. D. C. A.; Fernandes, F. A. N.; Sousa de Brito, E. Drying Technology, online, 2017 Drying of Exotic Tropical Fruits: A Comprehensive Review Fernandes, F. A. N. ; Rodrigues, S. ; Law, C. L. ; Mujumdar, A. S. Food and Bioprocess Technology, v. 4, p. 163-185, 2011
Osmotic Dehydration Desidratação Osmótica
Image Analysis of Osmotically Dehydrated Fruits: Melons Dehydration in a Ternary System Rodrigues, S. & Fernandes, F.A.N. European Food Research and Technology, 225, 685-691, 2007 Dehydration of melons in a ternary system followed by air-drying Rodrigues, S. & Fernandes, F.A.N. Journal of Food Engineering, 80, 678-687, 2007 Optimization of Osmotic Dehydration of Tomatoes in a Ternary System followed by Air-Drying Souza, J.S.; Medeiros, M.F.D.; Magalhães, M.M.A.; Rodrigues, S.; Fernandes, F.A.N. Journal of Food Engineering, 83, 501-509, 2007