The year of 2009 was marked by the commemoration of the first year of existence of the National Institute of Tropical Fruits. Over the first year of operation, INCT-FT developed into a scientific complex of laboratories dedicated to the development of processes for the fruit industry, focusing on some areas of high priority for the country such as minimal processing of export fruits, development of innovative processes for fruit conservation, development of innovative processes to add value to fruit-based products, and flavor and physicochemical analysis.

New equipment was added to complement the efforts of all laboratories of the INCT-FT. A summary of the results is given in this Report. Another milestone of the year was the completion of the building extension that hosts the biotechnology laboratory. The efforts of the research team and the synergy among the facilities combined to create the necessary environment for more efficient use of the laboratory equipments by its users and for the development of an aggressive research program.

The most rewarding result achieved this year is undoubtedly the implementation of the INCT-FT. This is well exemplified by the results attained in 2009/2010, highlighting the publication of 25 scientific papers in international level journals. A selection of these reports is highlighted in this Report. These works confirm the multidisciplinarity of the INCT-FT, with impressive results attained in subjects such as biotechnology, drying, ultrasound technology, minimal processing, flavor, fruit-based products development.